God wants that each believer follows the example of Jesus.  That they have compassion and love for the needed ones.  That you preach the word of God in time and out of time.   When we have love and compassion, we can reach out to the afflicted one, and the oppressed; we even can reach out to those that have lost their freedom, even to the sick and they will receive the Word; Word that sets them free, heals, saves, and breaks chains and gives freedom to the captive.  Remember, beloved reader, the Word of God reaches a needed heart.

The Great Success

The evangelical church follows its growth in gigantic steps.  Every day, new churches settle down and kind men and women attentive to the direction of God accept the calling of the Shepherd.  But seeing even further more, where there is necessity, we extend our vision.  The Church by force has had to use the model presented by the Apostle Paul to Timothy, to prepare and to enable people able to take the pulpit, the streets, able to arrive at where there is necessity.  By so, we educated the Chaplain so that he exerts its Ministry in many areas. 

The seminary has been a full success. This Seminary is unique in its intention to offer, a great scale, a theological education to thousands of shepherds, evangelists believing those who wish to carry out the mission that Jesus said.  Thanks to God that there are many   ministries worthy of our offerings, Now, nobody can say that they did not have their opportunity to receive a ministerial preparation, because this seminary arrives at  big cities and to the hidden corners   All can take advantage of the experience to studying  in a seminary. For many shepherds, evangelists and believers it has been an answer to many prayers and the means of theological education of preference.  It is a privilege to study in the seminary and also a privilege to be able to maintain it. It is necessary to demonstrate today the gratitude more than ever before the daily needs and to support this great educative project.